The Subliminal Serum is a best-seller at Lili Margo. This expert and natural treatment moisturizes, strengthens and smooths the skin while reducing marks of fatigue and signs of aging. The serum can be applied alone or as a complement to a day cream or night care. It thus increases the effectiveness of complementary care since its composition is more concentrated in active ingredients than other cosmetics. By using it, improvements in the appearance of your skin will be visible more quickly on your face.  

The Subliminal serum can either be applied in the morning, before a moisturizing cream such as our Gorgeous care, or in the evening as a complement to our Generous Care. It is important to have a clean and make-up free skin. This product purifies the epidermis and unifies the complexion day after day. Its many properties allow it to adapt to all skin types, young or mature, in order to repair the cellular mechanisms.   

With the help of its patented and natural trio of anti-aging active ingredients, this serum offers a real lifting effect: Calendula flower slows down the effects of skin aging, Iris brings comfort and suppleness and manioc has an immediate tensing effect.     


A single touch of its velvety and light texture is enough to easily penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis and encompass each of the cells to regenerate them.