Our Vision

Appreciative of beauty like Lili, secretive like Margo, our designers have stood alongside you and cherished you for 30 years working in major French beauty houses to finally sublimate you with this new range of cares, as soft as flowers and as fresh as the dew on plants.

In close collaboration with a famous Parisian laboratory, the know-how and expertise of Lili Margo is reflected in the excellence of its creations. Lili Margo products offer a smart combination of experience and modernity by introducing natural cares adapted to every woman.

With the gentleness of their textures and the finesse of their floral perfume, the natural beauty cares of the house provide you sensory lightness and freshness. Because a woman surrounded by attention is a fully blossomed one. Lili Margo listens to your emotions and makes you unique.

Our Concept


Lili & Margo, a secret between mother & daughter

Lili Margo is the first natural skincare brand inspired by the preciousness of a mother-daughter relationship, because it integrates historical know-how and modern audacity.

Lili’s eternal youth.

All the essence of youth is concentrated in Lili: she is beautiful, assured, enthusiastic and passionate. Lili enjoys life at its fullest. She is a young flower glowing with beauty and admires the class and elegance of her mother. Lili is aware of the latest skincare trends and passes these innovations on to her mother.

Margo’s know-how.

Maturity and experience represent the timeless charm of Margo. She can see in her daughter Lili the gracefulness, carefreeness and freshness that she had in times gone by and passes the legacy of her beauty on to Lili. The treasure she offers to Lili lies in her experience and knowledge of skincare rituals.

Lili & Margo: a secret held together

This range of skincare products enhances Lili’s beauty and protects Margo’s beauty. Thanks to their complicity, mother and daughter share their beauty secrets and face care rituals. Lili Margo is timeless and offers care for all generations of women.

Discover our secrets


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